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All push notifications for WP is useful plugin to send push notification to iOS and Android devices using WordPress integration.User can send push notifications to iOS and Android with

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All push notifications for WP is useful plugin to send push notification to iOS and Android devices using WordPress integration.User can send push notifications to iOS and Android with custom Editor from wp-admin and even When admin publish a new post/page and even new comment is added to any post.

Key Features

All push notifications for WP supports following environments:

  • Apple Push Notification service (APNs)
  • Google Cloud Messaging (GCM)
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

By using this plugin you can:

  1. Send push notification to WordPress users selectively.
  2. Send push notification to users when new post is published or when new comment is added to the post (administrator user)

Important note

To send push notification to android devices, you will need API Key from Google GCM platform.

To send push notification to ios devices, you will need pem certification file from Apple APNs.

For registering any device / user for push noficiation, it is required to integrate ‘register’ api in mobile application. Register API is part of the plugin only i.e. it is not third party API. It also means that all device token data is maintained in your wordpress application database only. Its basic use is to gather device token of respective iOS and Android devices so that push notifications can be sent from wordpress. More details about the same has been given in FAQ section.

From the device app, it is required to send additional headers information so that device is recognized by Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) and Apple Push Notification service (APNs)

Following headers are required:

  1. device_token: It will be the unique identifier provided by operating system to device.
  2. os_type: The type of device os – Use android for Android and ios for iOS devices.

Arbitrary section

Que) How to implement the device token and os type. Is it in the web header source code OR in the app source code? . Need example API URL?S and parameters to register the device_token.

Ans -Please follow the below steps to achieve the pushnotificaiton in your mobile devices successfully

- Activate Push Notifications for WP through the Plugins menu in WordPress.when you active the plugin the plugin will add 2 new tables in your wordpress database like 'all_pushnotification_logs' , 'all_pushnotification_token' . Please make sure that those tables are exist in your current activated Database.

- Set the settings as per your requirement through wp-admin part of plugin.

- please add FCM/GCM key if you want to pushnotification for android and Please upload the .pem certificate if you want pushnotifcaiton for ios.plese refer for .pem file.

Now , 

- There are two main aspects first - wordpress website which run on desktop / laptop  which have a wp-admin.  Second - the application which you created for mobile devices with ios/android.

 - To send a push notification to a device, we must need to know its token (or Device ID) which has to be provided by the app through this API. And the type of operating sytem which mobile is useing .

 - For Registering a device you need to follow steps.

 - First of all you have to insert the mobile device type and mobile device token of each devices in this table. For that you need to  pass the device type and devices token in parameters from your application services like login  , register service to the URL " http://yourwordpresssite/apnwp/register " . It means whenever user register or login from your application you need to pass that particular mobile's token and mobile operation system type android / ios.

 - 'wp-json' or 'WordPress REST API'  that shipped as part of WordPress core from version 4.4 Later. 

URL structure:


Method:  GET

device_token (string): token given by APNs or FCM identifying the device, often called device ID.
os_type (string): operating system. It must be ios or android (case sensitive).
user_email_id (string, optional): the user email address which is login from your mobile app.



Refere Document:

- more details how to pass the parameters in Android -

- more details how to pass the parameters in ios -

- After passing the parameters when user successfully register or login please check the database table `all_pushnotification_token` and check the token and OS type is inserted successfully or not.<h3>Translations</h3>

* English – default, always included