This plugin enables you to send SMS messages straight from the WordPress backend or via the programmer’s API. Also included is a free SMS two-factor authentication module, which harde

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This plugin enables you to send SMS messages straight from the WordPress backend or via the programmer’s API.

Also included is a free SMS two-factor authentication module, which hardens the security of your site considerably.

All you need is the plugin and a free account.

Main features:

  • 📱 Send SMS messages / texts

    • Add custom data to recipients to perform mail merge.
    • Import recipient lists from CSV/Excel.
    • Manage target groups.
    • Manage broadcasts.
    • Easy-to-use programmer’s API.
    • Short codes for signup/unsubscribe/edit profile forms.
    • Automatic integration with Contact Form 7.
  • 🔐 Two-factor authentication

    • Easy-to-use: No apps needed!
    • Easy for admins: Just tick a box and it works!
    • High level of security!
    • Pick roles to enable mandatory two-factor authentication.
    • Re-authorise at each login or remember devices for up to 30 days.
  • ✊ Receive SMS messages

    • Use your own keyword(s) or phone numbers to receive SMS messages.
    • View incoming messages.
    • Auto-reply to incoming SMS messages.
  • 🔔 Notification module for admins (BETA)

    • Receive an SMS message when important changes occur.
    • Choose from a long list of triggers.
    • Receive an SMS when a new user is created, when certain pages are edited or when new pages are published.
    • Configure which users will receive SMS messages. Can be role-based or user-based.
    • BETA: Please write to us and let us know what you like, and what you feel is missing (or broken), so we can improve upon this new feature.

Easy to get started:

  • Complete step-by-step user guide with several screenshots
  • The plugin has help texts included.
  • Live chat support and mail support from

SMS messages provided by one of the leading SMS Gateways in Europe

  • sends hundreds of millions of SMS messages each year on behalf of tens of thousands of customers all over the globe.
  • Offices in Copenhagen, Odense and Aalborg, Denmark.
  • Company founded in 1999.
  • Free support, no subscription, AND unbeatable prices.
  • Most SMS messages are delivered within 0.3 seconds.

If you prefer to disable the UI-features and manage broadcasts from code instead, then that is also possible. For this purpose, you can use the method gwapi_send_sms. The method supports specification of content, broadcast to multiple recipients, specification of sender ID and specification of type of SMS.

Getting Started

We have created a number of tutorials, demonstrating how to get started and how to use the various features. Watch the following video on how to set everything up and send your first SMS message:

Click here for more videos.

How to use

Most users: User Guide

Most topics are shown in a step-by-step style with numerous screenshots in our User Guide – even quite advanced topics.

Open the User Guide

Advanced: Programmers API

Send an SMS message to one or multiple recipients by calling gwapi_send_smswith the following arguments

  • $message (string) A string containing the message to be sent.
  • $recipients (array|string) A single recipient or a list of recipients.
  • $sender (string, optional) Sender text (11 chars or 15 digits)
  • $destaddr (string, optional) Type of SMS – Can be MOBILE (regular SMS) or DISPLAY (shown immediately on phone and usually not stored, also knows as a Flash SMS)

Returns the message-ID on success and a WP_Error on failure.

The recipients-argument may consist of either:

  • An integer or string, containing an MSISDN (CC + number, digits only).
    Example number: Country code 45. Phone number: 12 34 56 78.
    Resulting MSISDN: “4512345678”.
  • An array containing MSISDN (see above).
  • An array in which MSISDN’s are keys and their values are arrays of tags.
    Example in JSON:
    { “4512345678”: { “%NAME%”: “John Doe”, “%GENDER%”: “Male” } }

Note: SMS messages sent via gwapi_send_sms are NOT saved in WordPress. They are however still accessible via the traffic log on


Set up your OAuth key and secret here. This settings page is available for administrators only.

If the SMS Sending UI is enabled, this is how you can send an SMS from the backend.

Contact Form 7: GatewayAPI automatically adds extra controls for supporting signup/update/unsubscribe in the Contact Form 7 form builder.

Contact Form 7: Creating a “recipient groups” selection field.