Two Factor Authentication (2FA , MFA, OTP SMS and Email)


Multi-Factor Authentication – Two Factor (2FA/OTP) – Multi-factor authentication can be configured for any TOTP-based authentication method like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Auth

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Multi-Factor Authentication – Two Factor (2FA/OTP) – Multi-factor authentication can be configured for any TOTP-based authentication method like Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, etc to secure your WordPress website. It also supports OTP Over SMS, OTP Over Email, Duo Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, OTP Over WhatsApp, OTP Over Telegram, and many more authentication methods.

Note: The two-factor plugin is GDPR Compliant and supports a wide variety of Language Translations

Google Authenticator ( 2FA, Two Factor Authentication ) sync on multiple websites with the same OTP

You only need to configure Google Authenticator and other Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA ) methods once even on a multisite environment. This configuration will then be automatically reflected on the entire network. This is available for Google Authenticator, Duo Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Security Questions, LastPass, Authy, miniOrange methods, OTP over SMS, and OTP over Email. It is supported only if you are using our MFA cloud services.

supports variety of WordPress forms


  • We support multi-factor authentication for all types of devices.
  • Simplified & user friendly UI to set up Google Authenticator and other Two Factor Authentication ( 2FA/TFA/MFA ) methods.
  • Variety of Authentication Methods: Any application supporting OTP methods like Google Authenticator, OTP over SMS, Duo Authenticator, OTP over EMAIL, Authy Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, QR Code, Push Notification, Soft Token, and Security Questions(KBA)
  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA/TFA) allows authentication on the login page itself for Google Authenticator

How is miniOrange Two Factor Authentication different?

  • We support multiple authentication methods and also provide the option of a backup method.
  • We support Device Identification or remember device features.
  • We support MFA methods like OTP over SMS, OTP over Email, etc for the Woocommerce frontend login theme.
  • ShortCode is now available for different frontend custom login pages and Premium themes as well.

Multi-Factor Authenticator ( 2FA/OTP )

Premium Plugin Features

Multi Factor Authenticator ( 2FA/OTP )

Premium Plugin(All Inclusive) Features

Multi-Factor Authenticator ( 2FA/OTP )

Enterprise Plugin Features

Multi factor authentication ( 2FA / MFA )

You can configure multiple WordPress 2FA methods like google authenticator, OTP over Email, OTP over SMS, etc, and choose any one method from a list of configured methods to use as 2FA for your WordPress website. Multi-factor authentication is helpful for cases such as when you do not have your phone and cannot access your TOTP app for login. You can then use other MFA methods like OTP over Email to login.

Check all the features other than MFA ( 2FA ) here: miniOrange Website.

Why do you need to register for Multi-Factor authentication?

Multi-Factor authentication uses miniOrange APIs to communicate between your WP website and miniOrange. To keep this communication secure, we ask you to register and assign API keys specific to your account. This way your account and users’ calls can only be accessed by API keys assigned to you.
Adding to this, you can also use the same account on multiple applications and your users do not have to maintain multiple accounts on WordPress 2FA like Google Authenticator. Single code generated in Google Authenticator will be enough to login to all sites. With this, you can also achieve sync of two factor authentication across multiple sites. This helps to provide a secure WP 2FA cloud solution.

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With OTP over WhatsApp, users can receive OTP via the world’s most popular messaging app, WhatsApp as 2FA. Click here to download the Login with WhatsApp plugin.


This add-on allows you to use Firebase SMS transactions to send OTP via SMS as 2FA. Using this add-on, you can get upto 10,000 SMS transactions a month to send OTPs. For further information, please contact us at


This is an add-on which allows OTP Verification to be enabled for selected list of countries only. OTP Verification for any other country not in the list will be blocked.


This is an add-on which allows Admin to send Custom SMS and OTP Verification codes in bulk. Upload the CSV file or enter the numbers manually along with the SMS template that needs to be sent in bulk.


This is an add-on which allows Blocking of OTP codes from being sent out before the set timer is up. This Addon helps in limiting malicious users or unwanted OTP requests to be made by blocking the user for the time limit set.


This is an add-on which allows OTP Verification over Phone Call instead of SMS. The code will be received via a phone call to the customer.


This is an add-on which allows User Verification via accept/reject links received on the email instead of OTP codes.