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Demo | Example Sliders | Features | Documentation | Support


Transition Slider is unique innovative image and video slider and gallery with seamless transitions and responsive animated layers. Showcase your images and videos in your website across all browsers & devices with this unique and most powerful Slider around. Build any slider without coding! Create beautiful responsive slideshow, image slider, video slider, gallery slider, layer slider with animated layers and effects Slide, Fade, Zoom, Warp, Crossfade, Flash, Twirl, Roll, Stretch.


Transition Slider comes with professionally designed templates that you can easily modify and create your perfect slider. 11 Free templates are included. Many more templates are available in PRO version.

11 FREE Templates

34 PRO Templates

PRO Version Demo

Upgrade to PRO


Bring your website to new level with transition effects only seen in professional videos. Impress visitors with original animations that will catch their attention. Transition Slider is inspired by popular video editing transitions and enables you to use those kind of effects inside your website. Transition include effects like Motion blur, Radial blur, Brightness, and 3D image distortions. Transitions are fully customizable, you can set type, duration, easing, direction, distance and brightness. Each slide can have different transition.

Image Gallery / Video Gallery

Create image gallery or video gallery with unique and innovative transitions between images and videos. Add captions to images and videos easily with our visual slide editor.

SEO Slider

Slider has special option to preload first slide image, image starts to load even before slider scripts are finished with loading, which is great for SEO. This prevents content shift that is the main problem with sliders. It also loads first slide very fast which is great for user experience.

Line transitions – PRO

This set of transitions is available in PRO version

Super easy integration

No technical skills needed, simply choose a slider and insert the shortcode in your page or post.

Animated Layers

Completely new Layer editor gives you ability to design your slides easily by adding animated Text, Heading, Image, Button and Video elements, with advanced settings for each element. Each element has In animation, Out animation with customisable duration and delay.

Slider size

Slider can have responsive height (fixed aspect ratio) or fixed height. There is also fullscreen mode which makes the slider always cover entire screen.

Live Preview

As you edit slides in beautiful interface you can watch your changes instantly in live preview, which makes creating slides fast and efficient.

Mobile and Tablet Scene view – PRO

In PRO version you can view your current built-up Slider scene instantly in different device modes (mobile, tablet).

Mobile and Tablet Size settings – PRO

With mobile and tablet settings you can create fully responsive slider that will look great on all devices. You can have different slider size (portrait on mobile, landscape on desktop and tablet) and change any setting for layer elements (font size, position, spacing).

Lightbox mode – PRO

You can have your Slider in Lightbox mode. Lightbox mode can be engaged through any custom text, which you can customize to fit your website layout, like changing font family, font size, color, etc. This feature is available in PRO version only.
View Lightbox example

iFrame Element – PRO

Transition Slider is now even more flexible with a new feature of HTML source inside slides! You can insert any HTML content inside slides and fully customize it’s size, animation etc. This way you can display any possible webpage you can imagine from the web, inside your slider.

Slider Thumbnails

You can display thumbnail images in your slider. This feature gives you flexibility to enhance user experiance, due to better view of your slider content in advance. Thumbnails are fully customisable so you can easily change thier position (top/right/bottom/left), choose to display them inside slider or outside of slider, you can set any thumbnails size, and even change their color, background and border.

Button Templates

We have created 12 sleek button templates. With one click you can add them to your slide. 5 button templates are included in this version and additional 7 button templates you’ll get in PRO version. Button elements can be customized as well.

Text Templates

We have created 16 best text templates with most appealing fonts. With one click you can add them to your slide. 5 text templates are included in this version and additional 11 text templates you’ll get in PRO version. Still, you can customize your texts manually, without limits.

Google Font

Over 1000+ Google fonts available in slider. Make your web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography. Google Fonts makes slider and web page run faster by safely caching fonts without compromising users’ privacy or security.


10 pre-made navigation arrow styles are included, yet, you can customize navigation elements to perfectly match your website style.


Just as navigation arrows, 6 pre-made pagination styles are included, which are fully customisable. Also, you can choose to make them dynamic, or turn them off.

Great UX

Day by day, we are greatly improving user experience by improving Transition Slider’s interface design and usability.

Fully customisable

Transition slider is fully customisable, which means that you have full control over visual content of slider. Each slider element can be customized, from navigation, pagination, sizes, shadows, animations to even adding your custom css as top level of unlimited customisation ability.

Draggable Slides

Transition Slider has now draggable slides, which makes awesome WebGL effects even more attractive. You can drag slides with touch or mouse, in both directions.

Lazy Loading

Slide images, videos and layer elements are only loaded when the relevant slides are displayed (all of the slider’s images are NOT loaded up-front). This way we keep attention to avoid heavy impact on user’s broadband and improve user experience.

High Performance

Slider is rendering only when it is visible in viewport, so you can have multiple full width sliders on the page without problem. This enables you to create rich website with animations, videos and images with high performance.

Parallax effect

With parallax scrolling feature you can create depth and make Slider even more visually superb!

Infinite Looping

First slide is seamlessly displayed after the last slide without any carousel rewind.

Slide Link

Create a full slide link button for any slide within your slider.

Optional always visible Layer

There’s great new option to have one Layer in between slide image and slide elements, which can be used to “darken” the slide image and to make texts and buttons stand out more on your slider. This extra Layer can be fully customized as changing the color, transparency and size of the Layer.

WebGl or CSS transition

If your preference is to have lightning fast slider and transitions between slides and you don’t wann’t to use advanced transitions, we made it possible as well with CSS transitions.

Mouse scroll navigation

You can navigate through slides with mouse scroll.

= Autoplay Slider=

Get benefit from timer driven autoplaying slides so your users get visual representation before the actual interaction with slider. Also, you can enable progress indicator option for users to see how long each slide will be displaying before switching to Next Slide.

Autoplay Slides – PRO

In PRO version each Slide can have different autoplay timer. This would be of great use for displaying different products on image slides and videos on video slides. This way you can make certain slides last “longer” or “shorter”.

Randomize Slides

Each time your webpage loads, slides can be displayed randomly.

Custom actions for Layer Elements – PRO

Each Layer element (Text, Button, Image) can have a custom action. For example, you can create set of tabs (buttons) and make each of them to switch to certain slide on click.

Static Elements – PRO

Layer elements like Text, Button and Image can be marked as “static”. This means that you can make an element visible over all slides, all the time, which makes Transition Slider even more insightful.

Gutenberg compatible


• Unique slide transition effects made with WebGL custom shaders
• Customizable transitions – direction, speed, duration, brightness, easing
• 10 different transition effects – slide, roll, zoom, stretch, power zoom, twirl, warp, flash, fade, crossfade
• Responsive size – fixed or responsive height based on width
• Full width, fullscreen, boxed layout
• Animated elements Text, Button, Image, Video
• Visual Layer editor
• Transition In and Out Available for Each Layer
• Image slide
• Video slide
• Navigation Arrows – presets and customisable
• Pagination – presents and customisable
• Lazy loading slides
• Autoplay with timing
• Slider Loop – go from last slide to first
• Draggable slides – transition progress on touch move or click and drag
• Deep linking
• Slide link – entire slide is link
• Switch slides with mouse scroll
• CSS Styles – customize anything with custom css and preview live changes
• 4 Preloader styles
• Parallax

PRO Features

• Lightbox mode
• iFrame element (any HTML source inside slide)
• Mobile and Tablet settings (full responsiveness)
• New set of transitions Line transitions
• Import & export sliders
• +11 pre-made text templates
• +7 pre-made button templates
• Autoplay timer for each Slide
• Custom actions for Layer Element (switch to certain slide on button/text/image click)

Compatible Browsers

  • IE10+
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • iOS browser
  • Android browser


If you have any question about working with “Transition Slider”, you can take a look at online documentations.

What our users say

“The support is amazing, this plugin is amazing. I would definitely recommend this plugin to everybody on wordpress. One of the easiest plugin to use and amazing capabilities.” – oesalazar123

“Boom its a WOW! Plugin. quick & lovely support, completely satisfied.” – agentkiller007

“I have used the lite version on two websites. Extremely user-friendly (important consideration for clients) and lightweight plugin. Superb all round.” – alexwent

“The free plugin version of Transition Slider is already feature-rich packed so that you can test out any settings needed. It has more options available for free than I have seen at a different similar slider. Beyond that, it is even easier to use. The only caveat is that the free version is not having settings for mobile devices and I highly recommend purchasing the full version to get all features including fine-grained settings for mobile devices. The pricing is very fair and combating with other plugins that are less feature-rich, less easy to use, and much more expensive.” – yogieanamcara

“It’s a very fine slider with great effects – thanks!” – glaeskewpr

“This slider is loaded with features, and is easy to get going. And the support is absolutely phenomenal!” – stevemullen

“The makers are very responsive and helped me with an issue I was having. Which resulted in a new update that made this slider plugin one of the best out there!” – bluesblue1