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The only WooCommerce bundle you’ll ever need. Replace all those WooCommerce plugins with one single plugin that does the job of them all, and then some! Booster combines everything yo

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The only WooCommerce bundle you’ll ever need.
Replace all those WooCommerce plugins with one single plugin that does the job of them all, and then some! Booster combines everything you need to fully customize your site’s functionality into a single WooCommerce bundle, with 110 features and counting. With zero coding needed and easy setup options, Booster makes customization simple for everyone.

Discover why 100,000+ websites rely on Booster to expand the possibilities of your website. Increase your sales with a multitude of features with the #1 all-in-one WooCommerce plugin. Stop relying on multiple WordPress product plugins today!

100+ WooCommerce addons in one single package.
Multiple WordPress WooCommerce plugins are a thing of the past! Boost the functionality of your Woocommerce website with just one plugin. Here’s what you get with Booster:

Maximum Features: Add customized functionality to your WooCommerce business quickly with more than one hundred modules. Create a seamless customer experience on the front end and equip yourself with robust admin and reporting tools on the backend.

Zero Coding: Booster is for everyone. It’s easy to set up and entirely flexible for maximum customization with just a few clicks. No coding required.

Maximum Savings: Save time and money by installing one plugin that will customize your website like no other. Increase your sales with a host of additional features for the perfect shopping experience.

Zero Bloat: Booster has a modular architecture, so you can enable only what you need. With just one plugin, you’re automatically boosting your website speed.

Key Features of Booster for WooCommerce

  • PDF Invoicing and Packing slips: Streamline WooCommerce orders and paperwork by adding professional WooCommerce PDF invoices and offline packing docs.
  • Product Input fields: Add additional custom input fields on all products or per product and allow customers to add more information for the perfect custom product. If you’re selling customized products, this is a must!
  • Prices and Currencies: Attract international customers to your site by displaying their currency with automatic exchange rates. Define price rules with WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and offer global discounts.
  • Cart and Checkout: Customize the shopping cart and checkout experience for your customers. Create and add custom fields, coupons, additional fees, buttons, and more. Customize the checkout experience with WooCommerce custom fields, like VAT for EU countries, coupon codes, and checkout fees. Reduce cart abandonment with WooCommerce One Page Checkout.
  • Product Addons: Use the WooCommerce Product Addons module to customize any product, such as setting product labels and prices for each addon or creating automatic discounts. Addons can be added globally or per product.
  • Button and Price labels: Change price labels and create custom buttons of your choice. Add customized buttons and price labels to your products. The WooCommerce Free Price Labels module lets you set automatic prices for products with an empty price field.
  • Payment gateways: Set up custom WooCommerce payment gateways based on currency, shipping method, or location. Set up a multi-currency converter, and add min/max amounts for payment gateways to show up.
  • Emails, reporting, and Administrative tools: Add custom emails, additional recipients, and basic WPML support. Generate various reports (sales, customers, etc.), track users, and include verification for increased security.Key Features of Booster for WooCommerce.

Need more? Check out paid Booster bundles
paid Booster bundles are paid upgrade of Booster that unlocks more functionalities. Boost your business with all the best WooCommerce features and get access to additional administrative tools and reports.

  • PDF Invoicing and Packing: Create proforma invoices, credit notes, and packing slips
  • Cart and Checkout: Add multiple custom fields, custom info blocks, check out file uploads.
  • Prices and Currencies: Add an unlimited number of currencies to WooCommerce.
  • Add to Cart: Customize add to cart messages, button labels with multiple category groups allowed.
  • Empty Cart: Customize empty cart button text, different button positions on your cart page, and more.
  • Mini Cart: Add more custom information options.
  • Export options: Enable additional fields.
  • Configuration options: Include additional payments and shipping options.

Paid Booster bundles have all of these additional features and more. Discover what Booster has to offer now:
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Paid Booster bundles comes with a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back!
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Detailed List of Features

Due to new readme.txt standards, we have summarized our features and cannot be as detailed as before in identifying all paid and free features in the description. Reach out to us if you have specific questions on paid vs. free features.

Subscription Customization
* Subscriptions – Manage subscriptions, allow cancellation, change payment dates, and more. (Paid feature)

* Sales Notifications – Increase sales with proof of sales notifications. (Paid feature)

Prices & Currencies
* Best Price – Customers suggest prices. (Paid feature)
* Bulk Price Converter – Adjust prices in bulk.
* Currencies – Add global currencies; custom currencies in free version.
* Currency Exchange Rates – Automatic updates with multiple servers.
* Currency for External Products – Set different currencies for external products.
* Currency per Product – Display prices in different currencies.
* Global Discount – Apply discounts to all products.
* Multicurrency – Multiple currencies with a switcher; limited in free version.
* Multicurrency Product Base Price – Set product prices in different currencies.
* Offer Your Price – Customers suggest prices for products.
* Price Formats – Customize price formats per currency.
* Price based on User Role – Display prices by user role. (Paid feature)
* Prices and Currencies by Country – Change prices and currencies by country.
* Product Open Pricing – Customers manually enter prices.
* Product Price by Formula – Automatic price calculation formulas.
* Wholesale Price – Set wholesale pricing based on quantity.

Button & Price Labels
* Add to Cart Button Labels – Customize Add to Cart button text.
* Call for Price – Custom price labels for products without prices. (Paid feature)
* Custom Price Labels – Create custom price labels.
* Free Price Labels – Set labels for free products.
* More Button Labels – Customize “Place order” button text.

* WooCommerce Product Extra Fees – Set extra fees for products.
* Add to Cart – Custom redirect URLs; automatic add to cart; disable quantity input.
* Add to Cart Button Visibility – Control visibility of Add to Cart button.
* Admin Products List – Customize admin products list.
* Bookings – Add booking products.
* Cost of Goods – Track product costs for reports.
* Cross-sells – Customize cross-sells display. (Paid feature)
* Crowdfunding – Add crowdfunding products.
* Product Addons – Add paid or free product addons.
* Product Availability by Date/Time – Set product availability by date and time.
* Product Bulk Meta Editor – Bulk edit product metadata.
* Product Custom Visibility – Customize product visibility.
* Product Images – Customize product images and thumbnails.
* Product Info – Add extra info to category and product pages.
* Product Input Fields – Add input fields to products.
* Product Listings – Customize shop and category page displays.
* Product MSRP – Display MSRP in WooCommerce.
* Product Tabs – Add and customize product tabs.
* Product Visibility by Country/User Role – Display products by country or user role.
* Products XML Feeds – Generate product XML feeds.
* Products per Page – Add selector for products per page.
* Related Products – Customize related products display.
* SKU – Generate and search SKUs automatically.
* Sale Flash – Customize sale flash displays.
* Sorting – Add, rename, and remove sorting options.
* Stock – Manage stock display.
* Tax Display – Customize tax display.
* Upsells – Customize upsell products display.
* User Products – Allow users to add products from the frontend.
* Product Variation Swatches – Allow product variant selection.

Cart & Checkout
* Cart Abandoned Reminder – Send reminders for abandoned carts.
* Cart Custom Info – Add custom info to the cart page.
* Cart Customization – Customize cart options.
* Checkout Core/Custom Fields – Customize checkout fields.
* Checkout Custom Info – Add custom info to the checkout page.
* Checkout Customization – Customize checkout options.
* Checkout Fees – Add fees to cart and checkout.
* Checkout Files Upload – Allow file uploads at checkout.
* Coupon Code Generator – Generate coupon codes.
* Coupon by User Role – Apply coupons by user role.
* EU VAT Number – Collect and validate EU VAT numbers.
* Empty Cart Button – Add and customize “Empty Cart” button.
* Mini Cart Custom Info – Add custom info to the mini cart.
* URL Coupons – Apply coupons via URL.
* Frequently Bought Together – Suggest frequently bought items.
* One Page Checkout – Simplify checkout process.
* Wishlist – Allow customers to mark favorite products.

Payment Gateways
* Custom Gateways – Add custom payment gateways.
* Gateways Currency Converter – Convert currencies for gateways.
* Gateways Fees and Discounts – Apply fees or discounts.
* Gateways Icons – Change or remove payment gateway icons.
* Gateways Min/Max Amounts – Set min/max amounts for gateways.
* Gateways by Country/Currency/Shipping/User Role – Control gateway visibility.

Shipping & Orders
* Address Formats – Set address formats by country.
* Admin Orders List – Customize admin orders list.
* Custom Shipping – Add custom shipping methods.
* Left to Free Shipping – Display info on free shipping eligibility.
* Maximum Products per User – Limit items per customer.
* Order Custom Statuses – Add custom order statuses.
* Order Minimum Amount – Set minimum order amounts.
* Order Numbers – Customize order numbering.
* Order Quantities – Manage product quantities in orders.
* Orders – Auto-complete orders and more.
* Shipping Calculator – Customize shipping calculator.
* Shipping Descriptions/Icons – Add descriptions and icons to shipping methods.
* Shipping Methods by City/Date/Amount/Products/Users – Customize shipping methods visibility.
* Shipping Options – Hide shipping when free shipping is available.
* Shipping Time – Add delivery time estimations.

PDF Invoicing & Packing Slips
* PDF Invoicing – Generate invoices, credit notes, and packing slips.

Emails & Misc.
* Admin Bar – WooCommerce admin bar.
* Admin Tools – General back-end tools.
* Booster WPML – Basic WPML support.
* Breadcrumbs – Customize WooCommerce breadcrumbs.
* Custom CSS/JS/PHP – Add custom code.
* Debug Tools – Debug and log tools.
* Email Options – Customize email recipients and options.
* Email Verification – Add email verification.
* Export – Export WooCommerce data.
* General – General front-end tools.
* Modules By User Roles – Enable/disable modules by user roles.
* My Account – Customize “My Account” page.
* Old Slugs – Remove old product slugs.
* Reports – Generate various reports.
* Template Editor – Edit WooCommerce templates.
* User Tracking – Track users and orders.


  • We are open to your suggestions and feedback – thank you for using or trying out one of our plugins!
  • If you have any ideas how to upgrade the plugin to make it better, or if you have ideas about the features that are missing from our plugin, please fill the form.
  • For support please visit the Plugin Support Forum.