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Looking for a way to upload your WooCommerce product (feeds) to world largest online product advertisement platform, Google Merchant Center? The WooCommerce product feed plugin allows y

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Looking for a way to upload your WooCommerce product (feeds) to world largest online product advertisement platform, Google Merchant Center?

The WooCommerce product feed plugin allows you to do so!

Now, you can easily upload your WC product feed XML file directly to your Google merchant account. It requires verification from Google to upload the file to your account. After verifying, you can see your product in the Google shop.

Video Tutorial (Initial setup + single product submission)

Multiple Product Submission (PRO)

WooCommerce to Google Merchant Center

This powerful WooCommerce Product Feed plugin will help you to transfer all your products directly to Google Merchant account one by one. This allows you to expose your product feed to millions of shoppers around the globe and send up to date information every time you update product description. After Google verifies your products, you can continue with showcasing your products to a wider audience.

Exclusive Features (FREE)

Allows to Submit Products Easily

Using the Free version of WooCommerce to Google Merchant Center plugin, you can submit your products one by one as this version only supports uploading a single product at a time. You can submit the WooCommerce Product Feed XML file to do the job for you.

Automatically Generates Merchant Product Forms

Google Merchant Center has rules of submitting a lot of form fields while uploading a product. Using this plugin, you can upload products and automatically generate the form after submitting your WooCommerce product. You don’t have to manually submit the form and fill it up.

Compatible with WooCommerce 4.5.2 (Latest)

This plugin works with WooCommerce 3.0 and later versions. This means the versions less than 3.0 will not work with this plugin. For a flawless workflow and advanced WooCommerce features, always update your plugins to get the most out of it.

In Short –

The FREE version of WooCommerce Product Feed allows you to submit a limited number(40) of your WooCommerce products to Google Marchant Center. This plugin becomes a pathway between your WooCommerce powered eCommerce store and Google Marchant Center. Ultimately, you enable the opportunity of showing your products to millions of people using Google.

Premium Features (PRO)

Allows to Submit Multiple Products Flawlessly

Using the Pro version of WooCommerce Google Product Feed, you can easily submit multiple products at the same time. This means you can flawlessly upload all your WooCommerce product feed with blink of an eye.

Supports Variable Products

Have a lot of variable products? Can’t upload them to your Google Merchant Center Shop?
No need to worry. Using WooCommerce Google Product Feed, you can also upload all your variable products and they will be exactly same as they are on your WooCommerce store.

Category Wise Product Feed

Using the Premium version of WooCommerce Google Product Feed, you can generate product feed XML file according to your product categories. This becomes very handy to specify product category to Google Merchant Center.


Unlimited Product Submission

With the PRO version, you unlock many useful features including submitting unlimited products, multiple product submission, variable product support, XML file generation of Category wise Product feed etc. This plugin is completely compatible with multisite. As a result, you can reach millions of potential buyers by showcasing unlimited number of your WooComerce products in the Google Marchant Center.

**Please note that, this plugin is not compatible with multisite.

The WooCommerce Google Product Feed plugin has two sections-
Single product submission and
Multiple product submission.

Single product submission

It provides you to submit products one by one to Google merchant center. There is a lot of form fields according to google merchant center rules. The form will generate automatically after selecting the product. Now, submit it to your merchant center. With this free version you can use only 40 products.

Multiple product submission

It provides you to generate all product feed XML file at once and it also supports product variation. It will also help you to generate product feed XML by product category wise. This feature is only available for pro version.

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WooCommerce Product Feed PRO plugin is fully compatible with the latest WooCommerce (4.7.1).