ShopLentor – WooCommerce Builder for Elementor & Gutenberg +12 Modules – All in One Solution (formerly WooLentor)


If you own a WooCommerce website, you’ll almost certainly want to use these capabilities: Woo Builder (Elementor WooCommerce Builder), WooCommerce Templates, WooCommerce Widgets, Elem

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If you own a WooCommerce website, you’ll almost certainly want to use these capabilities: Woo Builder (Elementor WooCommerce Builder), WooCommerce Templates, WooCommerce Widgets, Elementor Widgets, product compare or Products Comparison table, WooCommerce order notifications, WooCommerce slider addons (Woo sliders), Woo recently viewed products widget, Sold out count, Elementor Addons, Woocommerce variation swatches module, Elementor Templates, WooCommerce Product Addons, WooCommerce products blocks, WooCommerce Gutenberg Blocks, custom product archive builder, WooCommerce product quick view, out of stock label customization, count sold product, flash sale countdown, Woo wishlist, etc.

By using ShopLentor – Elementor WooCommerce Builder, you will get all in one plugin.

Have you ever searched for a WooCommerce Addons plugin for Elementor Page Builder or WooCommerce template builder for an online store that does not look ordinary like most of the stores out there? ShopLentor is an all-in-one solution that will not only give you complete control over the WooCommerce page designs but also provide you with several features.

The plugin comes with a powerful WooCommerce page builder for Elementor, allowing you to effortlessly design all WooCommerce pages from scratch using the Elementor page builder. As a result, you no longer have to rely on the default page designs of WooCommerce.

ShopLentor gives you the flexibility to design a custom Shop and Product details page using the free version of the plugin. The rest of the pages are also customizable with the pro version. Furthermore, ShopLentor – Elementor WooCommerce builder offers a plethora of Elementor widgets with extensive customization options that you can leverage for creating your store as per your needs.

Apart from a large number of Elementor WooCommerce widgets, there are plenty of useful functionalities available in the form of modules. For example, product comparison, woo wishlist, quick view, Shopify style checkout, flash sale countdown, and so on. The main purpose of these modules is to offer the users as many options as users would need to enhance their website further. That way, they don’t have to look for another third-party plugin just for a single feature.

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Elementor WooCommerce Woo Builder Includes

🛍️ WooCommerce Elementor Widgets / Elementor WooCommerce Widgets
🛍️ Single Product Page Builder
🛍️ Custom Product Template Builder for Individual Product (Pro)
🛍️ Shop / Archive Page Builder
🛍️ Individual Archive Page Builder (Pro)
🛍️ Cart / Checkout / My account / WooCommerce custom thank you page Builder (Pro)

You can see the plugin demo here 👉 Live Demo

❤️ Free Features:

  • WooCommerce Template Builder
  • Elementor WooCommerce Builder
  • WooCommerce Widgets
  • Woocommerce Product Grid
  • Woocommerce Responsive Grid
  • WooCommerce Product List
  • WooCommerce Product Sort
  • WooCommerce Slider Layout
  • Shopify Style Checkout Page / Shopify-like Checkout
  • Woocommerce Product Slider Addons / Woo Sliders Widget
  • WooCommerce Testimonial Widget
  • WooCommerce Featured Product Slider
  • WooCommerce Featured Slider
  • Promotional Product Slider
  • WooCommerce Gutenberg Blocks / Gutenberg WooCommerce blocks
  • Recently Viewed Products / Woo Recently Viewed Products Widget
  • Woocommerce Product Compare / Products Comparison Table
  • Quick View WooCommerce / WooCommerce Quickview
  • Woocommerce Product Wishlist / Woo Wishlist
  • Woocommerce Product Tab
  • Grid and List View WooCommerce
  • Action Buttons in different Positions
  • Customize WooCommerce Buttons Color
  • Sales Countdown WooCommerce Addon / Discount Schedule Counter
  • WooCommerce Image Gallery
  • Enable / Disable WooCommerce Product Gallery
  • WooCommerce Product Gallery Carousel
  • Unlimited Color and Font Variations
  • WooCommerce Slider or Woo Sliders Control Options
  • WooCommerce Variation Swatches Module / Variation Switcher
  • Woocommerce Live Sales Notifications (Real)
  • Woocommerce Sales Notification (Custom)
  • Rename labels / WooCommerce Text / WooCommerce add custom text.
  • WooCommerce Upsell Widget
  • WooCommerce Cross-sell Widget
  • WooCommerce Related Products Widget (Custom Related Products Layout, Disable / Remove / Hide Related Products)
  • WooCommerce Category Carousel / WooCommerce Category Showcase / WooCommerce Product Category Slider
  • WooCommerce Category and Product List
  • Call for Price Button for WooCommerce
  • Suggest Price / Suggest Product Price
  • Special Day Offer Banner / Banner Widget
  • Product QR Code / WooCommerce QR Widget
  • WooCommerce Marker / WooCommerce Hotspot
  • Archive page with Pagination
  • Product Share Widget
  • Multi-language Support
  • Works with Free Elementor and WooCommerce
  • Custom WooCommerce Product Template Builder
  • Product Grid (Curvy)
  • Product Accordion Listing / Responsive Accordion
  • Product Image Accordion / WooCommerce Accordion
  • WooCommerce Shop Page Builder
  • AJAX Search Widget
  • WordPress post or WooCommerce Product Duplicator
  • Single product AJAX Add to Cart (In Product Detail Page)
  • Horizontal WooCommerce Product Filter Demo
  • Vertical WooCommerce Product Filter Demo
  • WooCommerce Template Library (Basic)
  • Product Reviews widget for WooCommerce

🔥 Premium Features:

✅ 125+ WooCommerce Elementor Widgets / Elementor WooCommerce Widgets
✅ 26 WooCommerce Modules
✅ 62 WordPress Gutenberg Blocks / WoCommerce Gutenberg Blocks
✅ Custom WooCommerce Product Template Builder for Individual Product
✅ Individual Archive Page Builder / WooCommerce Template Builder
✅ WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor / Checkout Field Manager
✅ Custom Cart Page Builder / WooCommerce Template Builder
✅ Custom Checkout Page Builder / WooCommerce Template Builder
✅ Custom My Account Page Builder / WooCommerce Template Builder
✅ Custom Thank you Page for WooCommerce
✅ WooCommerce Partial Payment
✅ WooCommerce Multi step checkout
✅ Order Confirmations Widget
✅ Product Variation Swatches for WooCommerce
✅ Product Size Chart / Size Chart WooCommerce Module
✅ WooCommerce Progress Bar / WooCommerce Stock Progress
✅ Related Products Slider for WooCommerce
✅ WooCommerce Upsell Products / Upsells Carousel
✅ WooCommerce Pre Order Module / Pre-order for WooCommerce
✅ Side Mini Cart / WooCommerce Minicart / Cart Drawer
✅ Redirect to Checkout Page (Direct Checkout)
✅ Social Share Product / Social Share Buttons / Quick Share
✅ GTM Conversion Tracking (Google Tag Manager) with Data layer
✅ Sticky Add to Cart
✅ Template Library
✅ 15 Product Custom Template Layouts (Deafult + Invidual)
✅ WooCommerce Template Builder (Advanced)
✅ Access to our Premium Udemy Course for WooCommerce (On Request)
✅ Zoom / Skype / TeamViewer Support
✅ Free Store Setup / (Maximum 2)
✅ Phone Call Support
✅ Premium Support

WooCommerce Checkout Page Customization and Field Editor (Pro)
ShopLentor Pro (Elementor WooCommerce Builder) allows you to customize the checkout page to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate. Sometimes, a custom checkout page is necessary for an eCommerce store or online storefront. ShopLentor Pro (Elementor WooCommerce Builder) makes it easy by providing several WooCommerce custom checkout options.

Besides creating a custom checkout page, ShopLentor allows removing or editing existing checkout page fields (billing and shopping fields). You can also add custom checkout page field like WooCommerce phone field or WooCommerce checkout phone.

By creating a custom Elementor WooCommerce Checkout page template according to your needs, you can get rid of the default Checkout page layout of WooCommerce. To help you achieve this, ShopLentor – Elementor WooCommerce Addon offers loads of Elementor WooCommerce builder widgets (Woo builder) specifically designed to create a custom Elementor WooCommerce Checkout page design.

If you want to improve customer experience through the checkout page of your store, you can utilize these WP WooCommerce checkout widgets or Elementor WooCommerce checkout widgets that enable you to do things like WooCommerce checkout customization, customize WooCommerce checkout page, customize checkout WooCommerce, Elementor WooCommerce checkout customization, etc.

Furthermore, the plugin comes with several beautifully designed pre-built Elementor WooCommerce checkout templates or WooCommerce templates for checkout that will allow you to create a custom checkout page within a minute.

Customize WooCommerce Single Product Template
ShopLentor (Elementor WooCommerce Builder) allows you to create a custom single product template. With all the powerful WooCommerce product addons or Woo addons available in ShopLentor, creating a unique design for your WooCommerce product page is a breeze.

The free version has the option to create a common product page template layout throughout the entire store, and the pro version allows you to create different WooCommerce single templates for various WooCommerce single product pages individually.

With all the WooCommerce extra product addons or Elementor WooCommerce widgets offered by ShopLentor (Elementor WooCommerce Builder), you can easily manage the WooCommerce single product page or WooCommerce single templates. In addition, these WooCommerce extra product addons, or WooCommerce product addons, are compatible with other popular Elementor WooCommerce plugins.

ShopLentor (Elementor WooCommerce Builder) lets you assign a separate Elementor template for each of your WooCommerce products from the WooCommerce product settings. For example, in the product setting WooCommerce screen, you will find a dropdown option where you can choose a custom template for the details page of that specific WooCommerce product.

⭐ Available Widgets:

General Widgets

Product Tabs – Display your WooCommerce products in a tabbed format based on different categories. With the help of this Elementor WooCommerce product tabs widget, WooCommerce category tabs widget, or Woo product tabs widget you can dynamically list your WooCommerce products category wise in various WooCommerce category tabs. It even allows you to choose which WooCommerce product categories you want to display as tabs.

Furthermore, you can filter what type of WooCommerce products to showcase under a single WooCommerce product category or multiple WooCommerce product categories. For example, WooCommerce category recent products.

Since the Elementor WooCommerce widget for product tabs (woo product tabs) allows you to display recent products while at the same time supporting category based products, you can effortlessly showcase your newest WooCommerce products or WooCommerce recent products in your online storefront. In addition, WooCommerce category recent products can be handy to show products for specific categories or all WooCommerce categories.

You can even control the number of products that are displayed. So, whether you’re launching a new product line or simply want to keep your customers informed about your latest WooCommerce products or WooCommerce recent products, WooCommerce category recent products is a great way to do it.

Other noteworthy features of this Elementor WooCommerce widget include controlling the WooCommerce product layout, the number of WooCommerce products to show, the WooCommerce category list, the customization of WooCommerce product ordering, etc.

Product Grid – Display your WooCommerce products within a WooCommerce responsive grid layout with the WooCommerce product grid widget. This Elementor WooCommerce builder widget (Woo builder) offers 5 different WooCommerce grid layouts to showcase your WooCommerce products in a responsive grid for WooCommerce store with its WooCommerce widget responsive settings. Meaning the WooCommerce product grid widget will adjust to fit any screen size.

A key feature of this Elementor WooCommerce widget is its WooCommerce responsive grid, which displays your WooCommerce products in a WooCommerce grid layout or responsive grid for WooCommerce while ensuring that your WooCommerce website adapts to the screen size of the customer’s device. You can rest assured that with the WooCommerce responsive grid system, your WooCommerce products are always displayed in an optimal way, regardless of what device your customers use. The WooCommerce responsive grid or responsive grid for WooCommerce is a significant selling point for WooCommerce, as it helps businesses reach a wider audience. You can even use this WooCommerce widget to control how many columns you want to display on each device.

By using a responsive grid for WooCommerce, you can ensure that your customers will be able to see your WooCommerce products no matter what device they’re using. The WooCommerce product grid or Elementor grid widget can be of tremendous help if you want to showcase your WooCommerce products in a WooCommerce grid layout or responsive grid for WooCommerce. With this Elementor WooCommerce widget, you can enjoy the flexibility to exhibit your WooCommerce products in a grid view or WooCommerce grid layout.

Furthermore, the Elementor grid widget allows you to control the number of columns, gutter width, and breakpoints. A grid view is a type of WooCommerce product display that arranges items in a WooCommerce grid layout or a responsive grid for WooCommerce instead of displaying them in a single column. The grid view products or grid products make it easy for visitors to scroll through the WooCommerce products and find their desired ones.

Apart from choosing and configuring a WooCommerce product layout, you can control which WooCommerce products to display and how to display them in a WooCommerce product grid or WooCommerce grid layout based on multiple query settings such as product type, product categories, product order, number of products, and so on. Meaning that you can also leverage this Elementor WooCommerce product grid widget like a WooCommerce category product widget to display products based on categories. This WooCommerce category product widget is handy when it comes to getting the ability to control which category based products to display.

Since the Elementor WooCommerce widget enables store owners to display their WooCommerce products in a responsive grid for WooCommerce stores, rest assured that the WooCommerce products will look great no matter which device visitors use to browse the store. If you prefer using the WooCommerce grid, WooCommerce grid layout, or WooCommerce responsive grid, this WooCommerce product grid widget will be tremendously helpful.

ShopLentor’s product grid widget lets you showcase WooCommerce products in a WooCommerce grid layout. WooCommerce product grids are commonly used to display WooCommerce products on your online storefront. With this WooCommerce product grid widget or display product widget you can present your WooCommerce products on the WooCommerce shop and archive pages.

Aside from displaying WooCommerce products in a responsive grid for WooCommerce, this product grid widget offers a wide range of customization options so that you can control many aspects of this widget, such as the number of columns, the number of WooCommerce products, WooCommerce product order, and so on. If you want your WooCommerce product display to be visually appealing, so it captures potential customers’ attention, you should try out the WooCommerce product grid widget. This WooCommerce product grid widget is perfect for an online storefront that wants to display their WooCommerce products in a more organized and visually appealing way.

In this Elementor WooCommerce widget, there are a few different WooCommerce product layout or product layouts for WooCommerce options available for store owners to choose from. Some of the most popular WooCommerce product layouts or product layouts for WooCommerce include the grid layout, the list layout, and the carousel layout.

Each WooCommerce product layout has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the right WooCommerce product layout for your online store based on your WooCommerce products and your customer’s needs.

A WooCommerce product slider or Woo slider is a great way to showcase your WooCommerce products on your website. With a WooCommerce product slider or Woo slider, you can easily display your WooCommerce products in a stylish and eye-catching way. In addition, customers can scroll through your WooCommerce products in a WooCommerce product slider or Woo slider.

Furthermore, the Woo slider is easy to use and comes with many customization options. That means you can control the WooCommerce slider or eCommerce slider and configure the WooCommerce widget product slider as per your needs. If you’re looking for a way to improve the look and feel of your online storefront and make it more user-friendly, then a WooCommerce product …