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WP Migrate is a WordPress migration plugin that makes migrating your database and exporting full sites easy, fast, and stress-free. WP Migrate Lite Features Database Migrations WP Migr

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WP Migrate is a WordPress migration plugin that makes migrating your database and exporting full sites easy, fast, and stress-free.

WP Migrate Lite Features

Database Migrations

WP Migrate Lite can help move your WordPress database using an easy-to-follow three-step process.

  1. Find and replace content directly within the user interface.
  2. Export the SQL.
  3. Import into your new database using a tool such as phpMyAdmin.

Simple, right? WordPress database migrations shouldn’t have to be overly complicated or cumbersome. With WP Migrate Lite, database transfers become so much easier.

Full-Site Exports

WP Migrate Lite can now export your entire site, including the database, media uploads, themes, plugins, and other files required to create an exact copy of your site in a new environment. In the same friendly interface you know, you can configure your export, choose what you want to include or exclude, and then single-click your way to a downloadable ZIP file of your complete site. A perfect solution for simple migrations and site copying.

Import to Local

Thanks to our good friends at WP Engine, Local—the #1 local WordPress development tool—can now import full-site ZIP archives that have been exported using WP Migrate. Simply drag and drop the downloaded ZIP file into Local and you’re up and running with a complete copy of your site in minutes.

Find & Replace

WP Migrate can find and replace content anywhere in your WordPress database with support for serialized data. This makes it easier to migrate your database without risk of corruption.

WP Migrate handles serialized data by first unserializing it, identifying individual strings, and replacing any matches with your desired content. Once this process is complete, the data is once again serialized and placed back in the database.

Example: s:5:"hello" becomes s:11:"hello world"

You can also run a find and replace on the current database even if you have no plans to migrate it.

Database Backups

WP Migrate can automatically back up your database before running a find and replace operation or on demand as needed.


We’ve made an impact since launching the first version of WP Migrate with over 300,000 active installs and hundreds of five-star reviews on WordPress.org. WP Migrate is, in our opinion, the best WordPress migration plugin. Don’t just take our word for it though:

[WP Migrate] might be the most amazing thing that has happened in a really long time in the #WordPress world – Pippin Williamson – Founder, Sandhills Development.

Today, I give continued thanks to @dliciousbrains for migrate db pro and the ease at which it offers migrations from dev-to-and-from-staging – Tom Mcfarlin – Senior Backend Engineer, WebDevStudios.

How did I ever survive without [WP Migrate] before? #winning – Jenny Beaumont – Senior Project Manager, Human Made.

Migrate More with WP Migrate Pro

If you’re in need of a complete, reliable, and fast push/pull site migration solution with fine-tuned control over the database, media uploads, themes, plugins, and other wp-content files, then WP Migrate Pro is for you.

The pro features in WP Migrate fit perfectly into any WordPress developer’s toolbox. Here’s what you get when you upgrade:

  • Priority email support.
  • Push and pull migrations that move the database, themes, plugins, media uploads, and other wp-content files directly between two WordPress sites.
  • Advanced multisite features like pushing a subsite to single-site install.
  • WP-CLI integration for running migrations from the command line.
  • Backup your data before starting the migration.
  • Targeted WordPress database migration. Select which tables to migrate and exclude post types from migrations.
  • And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re always working on adding value to WP Migrate!

All of these features and more are yours when you upgrade to WP Migrate Pro.