About me

My name is Wietse. I am 32 years old and live with my girlfriend, dog, and cat in The Netherlands. For a living I work fulltime as a front-end developer.

Trying out new projects has always been a passion for me. From writing complete web portals to releasing a mobile game. If it interests me, I will try to make it work!

Plugin for that

This is a new project I’ve started. Plugin for that.

There a countless `top 10 best WordPress plugins of the universe` websites but finding a website where you can actually find the right plugin was a bit harder…

Anyone can create a WordPress site and search for plugins to install. The problem is that WordPress doesn’t offer a decent filter option so finding the right plugin can be a challenge. Once (a non developer) wants to achieve something but no suitable plugin is found, the project is stuck.

I hope that this site can help you discover new and awesome WordPress plugins that you otherwise would have never knew existed! If you are looking for something that does not exist yet, just add your idea and if it’s a good one, someone is bound to create it and your idea will see the light as a new WordPress plugin!