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Woocommerce Admin Panel for Shop Manager Hide woocommerce and wordpress from Shop Manager. Do not forget to upload header image for better use. Requirement: User Role Plugin https://wor

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Woocommerce Admin Panel for Shop Manager
Hide woocommerce and wordpress from Shop Manager.

Do not forget to upload header image for better use.

Requirement: User Role Plugin

The current features are as follows:
1. Enqued a Custom style sheet for WordPress dashboard which is easy to be customized by the requirement.
2. Footer Left text (Thanks Text) and Footer Right Text (version text) is added.
3. Added a button in header left to “Visit Site”.
4. Replaced logo in dashboard and Login Screen.
5. Added a new Set of buttons (Profile, Messages, Settings, Logout) in Header Right Strip.
Profile Page – Profile of Shop Manager
Settings – Woocommerce Settings
Messages – All the comments of customers.
Logout – Simply Logout
6. Set an Order of Main Right Menus in sequence
Dashboard – Customized Dasboard for Shop Manager
Home – dashboard Page
Reports- Woocommerce Reports Page
Seperator1 – Commerce Management
Order Menu – Woocommerce Orders page

Users/ Customers – Woocommerce Customers page
All Users/ Customers – Renamed as Customers
Add a customer – Shop keeper can add Customers and Subscribers but can not add Admin.
Products – Woocommerce Products Page
Products – Woocommerce Product Page
Categories – Woocommerce Categories Page
Tags – Woocommerce Tags Page
Shipping Classes – Woocommerce Shipping Tab
Attributes – Woocommerce Attribbutes Tab
Seperator2 – Marketng Suit
Seperator3 – Content Management
Pages (Woocommerce Pages like Cart, My Account, Change password pages are hidden from Shop Manager)
Post / Blog – Renamed as Blog
Seperator4 – Website Design
Widgets – Widget Page (All the widgets are renamed from woocommerce to My Shop)
Menus – All the menus used in the Website
Header – Change Logo Image
Background – Change Backgorund Color of the website.
Seperato5 – My Shop Extend

Note: Seperators are not clickable.

  1. All the Existance of woocommerce is replaced with My Shop.
  2. Header Right Menu Settings Button redirects to woocommerce settings page where all the main menus are replaced with the sub menus of Woocommerce Settings.
    Back to Dashboard – Link for main dashboard
    General – Woocommerce Settings Page
    Catalog – Woocommerce Settings Catalog Tab
    Pages – Woocommerce Pages Tab
    Inventory – Woocommerce Inventory Mangement
    Shipping – Woocommerce Settings Page Shipping Tab
    Payment Gateways – Woocommerce Settings Page Payment Gateway tab
    Emails – Woocommerce Settings Page Email Tab
    Integration – Woocommerce Settings Page Integration Tab
  3. Removed all the other unused Menus by the shopkeeper and also restrict permission fpr the shopkeeper to add or edit plugin, tools menu and add or modify theme.

  4. Removed Color Scheme from user Profile

  5. Removed Default WordPress widgets on Dashboard. Woocommerce Widgets like Monthly Sales Graph etc is shown in Dashboard.

12.Removed Biographical Info From users Page.

13.Removed Role, Email and Posts Columns from All Users / Customers Page In Admin Panel.

  1. Removed Social Links from User / Customer Page like AIM, YIM and jabber. (Twitter and website is to be removed).

  2. Removed all the items under “Personal Options” on user profile page.

  3. Upgrade Notices are Hidden.

  4. Removed Help tabs on wordpress.

  5. Hide the WordPress Upgrade Message in the Dashboard

  6. Removed Notices in wordpress.

20.Added a custom Field in Add User / Customer Page.

  1. Decide Role of Shop Keeper or Other Users from their capability.

  2. Relpaced customer from users heading and title.

  3. Title of All the Pages in Dashboard includes wordpress that is completely removed and replaced by My Shop.

  4. WpAdmin Bar Top Strip is not shown when the ShopManager is loggedin.

  5. Woocommerce Pages are completely hideen from dashboard
    Shop Page
    Cart Page
    My Account Payment
    Thanks Page
    Payment Page
    Edit Address
    View Orders Page
    Woocommerce Terms Page
    Checkout Page
    These are the few points which are covered till now. Hope for few More Features…

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This Plugin is totally based on User Interface, This doesn’t effect any of the woocommerce or wordpress functionality.